CAKEPHP web application development

CAKEPHP web development company


At Arvaan, we have conceptual approach relating the software development process to meet your needs. Our expertise over understanding the business models lets us designing as well as developing patterns for software such as front controller, active record, model-view-controller, convention over configuration and association data mapping.

Having an expertise team of developers, we know very well to design as well as reusing the software system including the by our immense knowledge over code libraries, supporting programs, scripting language altogether creating an impelling software component development. Notably, as at several points, the framework is utilized along with the API exposure according to the ultimate software needs. Keeping this approach, we interlace our CAKEPHP products and services with perfection making us a custom PHP development company.

Attributes we have great expertise over CAKEPHP open source web-framework are as below

  • MVC Pattern
  • CRUD Scaffolding
  • Ajax Support
  • Zero Configuration
  • Easy extension with Plugins, Components, and helpers
  • Access Control Lists (ACL) functionalities

Being a CAKEPHP developing company, we know to execute the complex CRUD operations interacting with database in several database driven web applications. Since the PHP platform is based on MVC architecture, out each CAKEPHP based project is entitled to procedural application scaffolding. As most crucial features in development, Localization as well Internationalization, validation of the model and structure of the coding that we use are valued the most in order to keep the business requirements for the clients as our central concern.