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Arvaan Techno-Lab is an exceptional 2D animation studio giving you an assortment of services for 2D Animation. We trust that 2D Animation is still a standout amongst the most intense diverts in today's reality to convey messages. What's more, to regard that actually we at our studio have an accomplished group of inventive designers and experienced 2D Animators. We make 2D animation for web, from motion pictures, for Advertising, for e-learning, for logo animations, for flash animations and many more

Following is the process we follow for 2D ANIMATION

  • Concepts and Script
  • Storyboard
  • Voice over
  • Layout Designing
  • Animatics
  • Key Frames
  • Cleanup and Coloring
  • Flash Rigging and Animation
  • Compositing and Editing
  • Final Render

With such a variety of 2d animation studios around, it's anything but difficult to get spoilt for decisions. That is where expert 2D studio like Arvaan Techno-Lab can offer assistance. Simply contact our office and we will be at your service. Your prerequisite might be of a straightforward 2d character outline, logo plan or an unpredictable cartoon film, our organization has the 2d craftsmen to build up your need on time and in reasonable budget.

At Arvaan Techno-Lab, we trust in utilizing the most recent innovation and framework to give our clients top notch services. We constantly overhaul our workstations with the most recent animation softwares accessible in the business sector, and ensure that our artists work with cutting edge applications to make flawless 2D animation.

Get in touch with us for 2D animation service, our group of artists will be happy to showcase you our variety of work, and give you perfect solution for your work.Contact us today!